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victim mentality and strategies to escape it

What is a victim? A victim is a person who was subject to a terrifying experience. The Person experiences a situation which he feels he could not have prevented. The situation itself might only last for a short period of time but it might live on in the mind of the victim as a trauma, the persons mental health takes damage and they fear that something similar or even worse might happen again in the Read more…

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Travelling alone

The longer I am home now, the more I meet people telling me that they would not have been able to travel for a year and a half and especially not alone. So in this text I would like to describe some parts of the travelling alone experience. I guess in my case I viewed travelling alone as some part of education, as a part of not only knowing the world from the internet but Read more…

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Near death experiences and the lacking of a scientific explanation for them

Recently I read Raymond Moodys book The light beyond. In this Book Moody looks into near death experiences and alongside with Elisabeth Kübler-Rosse he is the first one to introduce this topic into the scientific discourse. In the book he discusses the difficulties on classifying those and which elements make up a near death experience for him. He also refers to an american study perfomed by George Gallup which counts the following elements as near Read more…

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Nietzsche and spirituality

Some people might say that it is completely absurd to put these two words in one headline. Well I don´t and here is why. Nietzsche is one of the rather critical thinkers of the end of the 19th century. His „god is dead“ is famous, his book the antichrist and his critique of the believing in a world beyond this reality is well known. But does that mean that his thought can´t be seen as Read more…

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Vipassana – Buddhas path to enlightenment and a way to release emotional trauma

Probably it is the best when I start with the fact that I recently participated in a Vipassana Seminar in the peruvian andes and the following writing is inspired by partaking in this course. Everybody that agrees to five moral rules (no killing, no stealing, no sex, lying, no drugs) that have to be obeyed during the course alongside the schedule and wants to give the method an honest trial can participate (if his application Read more…

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A philosophers guide to spirituality

Spirituality same as philosophy is an area that is dealing with the abstract, the metaphysical, the good life, what happens after this existence on earth and a lot more. But venturing into spirituality provides much more risk of mental abuse by self proclaimed gurus, healers with seemingly magic powers and high financial loss when investing into seemingly necessary gadgets for health and wellbeeing. To the outsider this gathering of people with alternative healing techniques, a Read more…

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Wittgenstein, compulsive thought and ways to give rest to your mind

While Ludwig Wittgenstein is hardly known outside the realms of philosphy one could say that he helped to shape nowadays angloamerican style of philosophy. During his lifetime he only published one book, which worked as a catalyst in establishing the school of thought of logical positivsim. His second book the philosophical investigations were even more influential. The book lead to the linguistic turn in philosophy and is a milestone in the nowadays well established philosophy Read more…

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Philosofernweh and and a way out

Philosofernweh is a combination of two words, Philosophy and the german Word „Fernweh“. Fernweh is a state of longing for a place somewhat different from the known, or different from home. It is a state of desiring to be somewhere else in a different country, travelling or on holidays. It is the opposite of the state of being homesick. Philosofernweh is an emotional state that I had to go through myself quite a lot. The Read more…

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